Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Places To Go: George Nakashima's compound

If you ever find yourself in New Hope, PA, you can stop by the home, studio and workshop of George Nakashima. Born in 1905, he was a Japanese-American woodworker, architect and furniture maker, who was a father of the American craft movement. After graduating from MIT with a masters in architecture, he bought a round the world steamship ticket and lived in France, North Africa and Japan. He eventually ended up in New Hope, where he built fourteen dwellings and raised his family here. His daughter, Mira, has continued his tradition and designs pieces of her own.

Needless to say, the furniture of the Nakashima's are wonderful specimens of functional and inspirational art. Their property (which is on the National Register of Historic Places) looks beautiful, and is only a two hour drive from NYC. Perfect place to visit this spring!

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