Monday, April 4, 2011

Books To Read: The Dirty Life

I haven't read this book yet, but as soon as I tackle my current "to read" stack, I will. Writer Kristin Kimball tells the true story of her move from New York journalist to upstate farmer...with no real experience.  Of course it all sounds so romantic, but she says her new life can be pretty ugly at times (birthing animals, butchering...eek).

What IS romantic is the how when she was a travel writer living in Manhattan, she traveled to Pennsylvania to do a story about a young, sustainable farmer.  One thing lead to another and this man, Mark, became her husband and the man who inspired her to change everything.  Now they are raising their two children near Lake Champlain and living a pretty charmed life.

I dream about these type of things...leaving everything behind to farm beets/bake pies/sleep under the stars.  But to actually DO it....well, lets hope that this book will inspire me in some way.

Oh and NPR did a little segment on Krisin, listen to it here.

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